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Spring 2020 Lab Meetings

Lab meetings for the spring semester are on Fridays, 2:00-3:30 PM in B413 Wells Hall.

2018-19 Achievement(s)

College of Arts & Letters Award Winners – UURAF 2019 First Place winners

Competition Between the Past and the Perfect 

Jett Hampton (Linguistics senior); Darby Grachek (Linguistics senior); Sarah Sirna (Linguistics senior); Sarah Jones (Psychology junior); Kerry Berres (Linguistics senior); Hollie Nusbaum (James Madison sophomore)


English Undergrad Leads Research in Linguistics – Children’s Books

Abby Jaroszewicz


“A lot of children’s books are marketed under the guides of number of words, new words, and vocab. That’s what determines their reading level,” Jaroszewicz said. “That’s not exactly meaningful linguistically, it’s not the number of words that make a book linguistically complex, there’s lots of different things, like the use of pronouns, which always requires the hearer to work a bit more because they have to find the referent for it in the discourse. The same is true for other aspects of the linguistic system.”

Read the full article here.

Important Dates

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  1. Robert Koops permalink
    April 24, 2013 11:47 AM

    I’m looking forward to some great stuff in your research. I’m teaching a basic linguistics class at UNM geared for language teachers. (Rob Koops MA ’69)

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