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UURAF 2013

April 14, 2013

Congratulations to all of the undergraduate members of the lab who presented at UURAF this weekend!! Everyone did a GREAT job.

A special congratulations to JJ and Kyle for winning First Place in Linguistics and Languages, and to our very own Cristina for winning the Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor of the Year Award!!!

Pictures from the event can be found here: UURAF


     Camila Alfonso, Anaite Castaneda, and Brandon Grenier, “Theoretical Account of Spanish Light Verbs”

     Camila Alfonso, Anaite Castaneda, and Brandon Grenier, “Acquisition of Light Verbs in Spanish: Frequency        or Grammatical Function?”

     Brandon Grenier, “Studying the Acquisition of Boundedness in Children: Learning Novel Verbs and                        Adjectives”

     Olivia Catt, “Make, Be, and Get in the Speech of Late Talkers and Typically Developing Children”

     John Sheets and Kyle Latack, “Sleeping-Bag as a Bag for Sleeping or a Bag that is Sleeping? How Native and        Non-Native Speakers Use Prosody to Disambiguate Compounds and Phrases” (First Place, Linguistics,                  Languages, and Speech )

     Kyle Latack, Mina Hirzel, and John Sheets, “How Children Find a Bird in Iceberg: Exploring Noun-Noun                 Compound Usage in Children”

     Yui Totsuka, “The Use of Double Negation by Japanese Teens”

     Kenneth Hanson, “Corpus Extract: A Tool for Analyzing Coded Syntactically Annotated Linguistic Corpora”




Also a shout out to every lab member– undergraduate, graduate, and faculty alike– for all of the hard work put in to make all of these projects happen. We are truly a team!



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